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Andrew and Sunny

Andrew and Sunny

Hibiscus Team Leaders

Andrew and Sunny bring their skills, knowledge and creativity together – creating professional business solutions .

Logo Design – Brand Identity – Web Solutions

Welcome to Hibiscus Media

We are super passionate about transforming businesses into something great. Here at Hibiscus Media we are highly professional about what we do.  We want our customers to shine above the rest.


Logos That Stand Out From The Crowd

Ever noticed how some logos really stand out and are highly recognisable, where as some just don’t get noticed or look like something else?

That is because some logo designers simply cut and paste someone else’s logo and tweak it a bit.

Here at Hibiscus Media we take logo design very seriously.  We will create you a real brand. This is a logo that is highly distinguishable with your own colour scheme that gives your brand power.


Websites That Keep Customers Engaged

The two most important things about having a great web site is:

  • You must be found
  • You want people to stay on your website

Andrew has been building and designing websites for over 8 years. He knows how to create a website that is loved by Google. Secondly, he sees the importance of creating a website that is interesting and engaging.  Once people find your website, you don’t want them to leave it.  Here at Hibiscus Media, we bring all the necessary elements together to ensure people are intrigued by your business and your business website.

Design with Vision

Sunny Bamford

Sunny Bamford

Graphic Design and Brand Identity

If you are looking to create a powerful brand that stands out from the rest, Sunny is the person for the job.  She will analyse your business and build a strongly branded logo and colour scheme that reflects and defines where your business is going.

Andrew Bamford

Andrew Bamford

Web Design and Business Development

Andrew is a master at wordpress web development.  He builds intuitive, responsive and clean websites that Google loves. Andrew is great at assessing your online business needs and is passionate about building strong web presence.