Logos and Branding

Here at Hibiscus Media we take logo design very seriously.  To us, logo design is more than just creating something cool on the computer.  The team at Hibiscus media create you a logo tailored to suit your business. We learn about your business, your competition and align with the trends to ensure your logo is modern, original and memorable.  So when somebody looks at your logo, it stays in their mind. Your new logo, designed by Hibiscus Media will place you ahead of your competition, giving you your professional edge.


Website Design

These days, having a professional website that is fast , responsive and easy to use is super important, for a number of reasons. Firstly, your website displays your business.  If you have a slick website, that is personable (shows that you are real people), looks great, loads fast and comes up on Google, you are automatically perceived as a trustworthy and professional business on the internet.  Here at Hibiscus Media we want your business to get the best head start possible.  Thats why we take great pride in building websites that represent your business in the best way possible.

What Is Brand Identity

So you may hear us talk about brand identity and wonder, what exactly it is and just why it is important for your business.

Brand Identity, is all about taking certain elements that make your brand look or even sound a certain way.  Specific colours and shapes built into your logo are then enfused into the way everything about your brand looks.

Brand Identity gives your brand and logo the ability to put lasting impressions on people that are exposed to your brand.  Brand Identity gives your the power to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Think of big brands like Nike, Mac Donalds, Coke, Adidas.  All of these brands are distinct and easily recognisable.  They are never confused with someone else and leave a strong impression on your mind.

Our goal at Hibiscus Media is to build you and your business a powerful brand that leaves a strong impression on peoples mind, so your identity and logo are easily recognisable, suitable for your industry, and never forgotten.