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AI Starter

AI Starter: gives you all the automated support tools you need to service your clients 24/7.

  • 24 Hour AI Service: Your AI agent is always onhand.  Working tirelessly while you sleep and attend to what matters.
  • AI Support Agent: Rely on a system enriched by Generative AI to sift through your business’s knowledge base, ensuring real-time, pinpoint accurate customer responses.
  • Customised knowledgebase integration.
  • Hyperlink Integration: Enhance user experience by seamlessly directing them to additional resources or information.
AI Pro

AI Pro: is a fully integrated and automated lead generation system.

  • Includes: All AI Starter Features.
  • Automated Lead Generation: Enhance your outreach, drawing in potential clientele with ease.
  • Strategic Reporting: Obtain insights into the efficacy of your lead generation, refining for utmost impact.
AI Enterprise

AI Enterprise: is a fully customised and automated system.

  • Includes: All AI Starter and AI Pro Features.
  • Custom AI Design: Meticulously tailored, ensuring seamless integration and peerless performance.
  • Features include: Automated booking, Staff Training System and more.
  • The Sky is the limit: We build what you need .  Our goal is to automate your processes and discover new systems that will increase your profitability, decrease expenses, all while saving time and resources.

With the Hibiscus AI tiered structure, businesses of all sizes and ambitions can identify the right fit, guaranteeing an uninterrupted ascent in the world of AI.

Hibiscus Chat – Seamless AI

Hibiscus Chat: AI Virtual Assistant for Pacific Watersports

Ambitious businesses understand that to reach the top, it’s imperative to have the right tools in their arsenal. At Hibiscus Media, we specialise in AI automation and Virtual Assistants, brought together under our standout product: Hibiscus Chat

Hibiscus Chat is crafted meticulously for those enterprises with lofty aspirations, ensuring that we deliver power while staying conscious of your budget.

We have developed an AIVA for Pacific Watersports, a Cairns-based tourism business. They use the AIVA we created as a form of 24-hour customer support. It answers all common questions and saves a lot of time and resources. Additionally, it gives reference to website pages with hyperlinks. This allows users to access information directly through the AI rather than having to enquire manually or search the wesbite for this information.

What is Hibiscus Chat?

Hibiscus Chat is your own personalised AI Virtual Assistant. Hibiscus Chat is a powerful AI messaging service that can answer at least 80 percent of your customers support inquiries. Not only that, it can capture lead information so you can follow up on potential customers.

What is included in Hibiscus Chat?

  • Automated Lead Generation: Supercharge your outreach and attract potential leads efficiently with our state-of-the-art Hibiscus AI.
  • 24/7 AI Chat Support: Commit to consistent, effective customer interactions using our astute Hibiscus AI chat solutions.
  • Intelligent AI-Driven Communication: Foster deeper engagements with your audience through intuitive, responsive, and tailored communications.
  • Specialised AI Expertise: Dive into the forefront of AI-driven solutions, exclusively tailored to resonate with your business demands.
  • Budget-Conscious Innovation: Embark on your AI journey without feeling the pinch on your budget.
  • Maximised Efficiency: Our offerings are laser-focused on optimising every aspect, from customer interactions to integral backend operations.

With Hibiscus AI, we position you firmly on the path to tomorrow, unlocking the expansive potential of AI in a manner that’s both impactful and affordable.

Contact us today to learn more about how Hibiscus Chat can help your business achieve its goals.