Are you missing out on quality business?

Are you a tradie that has a nice little business going, getting plenty of work, but most of the work you get is not the type you really want?  Or maybe you are the guy who charges less than everyone else,  gets plenty of work, but works way too hard.  Chances are, if you don’t have a decent logo and a brand that makes you look professional, you probably look like the cheap option for most customers.

Having a good brand makes your business shine

Let’s say for example you are a carpenter (chippy). You’ve got heaps of work on, but it’s not the type you like.  You want to land a few high paying contracts but you just don’t seem to get there.  Chances are you need to look more professional.  That means building a brand that makes your business shine.

Investing in a Logo

Your logo is the most powerful marketing tool you have.  It signifies who you are and makes a real statement about your business.  A cheap, poorly designed logo will give people the impression that your business is cheap and poor.  Whereas  a well thought out and professionally designed logo will give your customers and potential customers the impression that you are a professional operation well worth hiring for your services.

The Benefits of Having a Professional Logo

Here are just some of the benefits of having a professional logo:

  • Your brand and business becomes easily recognisable.
  • Your logo imprints an image of your business in peoples minds.  They will remember you and your logo when they need your services.
  • Elements of your logo can be used to create designs on your vehicles and equipment.
  • Your logo creates consistency and uniformity within any graphic design you have done.
  • You have a design asset that adds value to your company.
  • You can easily expand and franchise your business based on your logo design.
  • You are perceived as highly professional, resulting in landing better jobs and charging higher prices.

In Summary

For the sake of a small capital outlay,  hiring a professional logo designer to revamp or kickstart your business is one of the most valuable investments you can make.  Don’t go home and whip up some design on the computer or grab a fivr logo off the internet that is a carbon copy of every other logo under the sun.  Invest in your brand and your business will rocket ahead, leaving the competition for dead.