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The Old Post Office Diner

Steampunk Meets

Artisan Charm

In the heart of Central Queensland, a remarkable transformation has taken place, turning the Boyne Valley Post Office into an extraordinary haven known as “The Old Post Office.” Tess, the creative force behind this endeavor, has collaborated with the Hibiscus Media team to bring her vision to life, and the result is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

The journey with Tess has been an exhilarating one, fueled by her passion for creating something truly exceptional. Inspired by the intricate and captivating aesthetics of steampunk design, Tess was determined to craft a brand that would set The Old Post Office apart as a unique and artisanal dining and accommodation destination.

Our collaboration culminated in the birth of an entirely original brand, showcased across her business website and various commercial applications. Hibiscus Media is immensely proud to have delivered a comprehensive suite of digital assets that has transformed Tess’s dream into a vibrant reality:

  • Professional website
  • Branding and brand identity
  • Professional logo
  • Design work for commercial application
  • SEO kickstart
  • Written content
  • Social media set up and integration


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Pacific Watersports

A Decade of Thrills, Now with a Fresh Splash of Excitement

Celebrating its remarkable 10th year in operation, Pacific Watersports stands tall as a thriving hub for water sports enthusiasts. Located in the picturesque locales of Palm Cove and Yorkeys Knob, this successful venture has been a haven for those seeking adventures along the stunning coastline.

Pacific Watersports is under the ownership and management of the dynamic father-son duo, Andrew from Hibiscus Media and his son, Luke. Their passion for watersports and dedication to elevating the Pacific Watersports experience have breathed new life into the business all the time.

Rebranding to Celebrate 10th Anniversary

One of the standout features of this transformation is the complete rebranding of Pacific Watersports. The brand’s new identity exudes a palpable sense of excitement, enthusiasm, and modernity, perfectly mirroring the pulse-pounding experiences awaiting guests. This dynamic spirit is seamlessly woven into every facet of the brand’s presence, from the website to social media, brochures, posters, signage, and even uniforms.

At the heart of this rebranding success story is the logo. Hibiscus Media, armed with an intimate understanding of the owners’ passion and the personalities of their major clientele, crafted a logo that captures the essence of Pacific Watersports. It’s a visual representation of the thrill and adventure that guests can expect when they step into the world of Pacific Watersports.

As a testament to their commitment to excellence, the brand’s new identity is now proudly displayed on the website, creating an immersive digital experience for visitors. Social media channels come alive with vibrant visuals that resonate with watersports enthusiasts. Brochures and posters beckon with promises of adrenaline-pumping activities, while signage and uniforms proudly bear the new look that defines Pacific Watersports.

Pacific Watersports isn’t just a watersports business; it’s an embodiment of enthusiasm, energy, and the pursuit of modern, sporty excitement. With Andrew and Luke at the helm, the future promises even more waves of adventure and unforgettable moments along the stunning Queensland coastline. Here’s to a decade of thrilling memories, and to many more to come!

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Pacific Watersports uniform design

Tash Lashes and Brows

Branding and Aesthetics

When we embarked on the website creation journey for Tash Lashes and Brows, our aim was to intertwine the essence of the business – specialising in eyelashes and brows – with modern web design principles. Sayaka was initially unsure about the appropriate colour scheme. Drawing from the business’s emphasis on natural looks, we selected a palette of soft, earthy tones. These colours, combined with an elegant font style for the logo, truly encapsulate the brand’s commitment to enhancing natural beauty with refined sophistication.


User Experience & Design

In terms of design, the website utilises contemporary concepts to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience. The layout, marked by clean lines and uncluttered spaces, allows for effortless navigation. Moreover, a responsive design ensures that the site’s aesthetic appeal and functionality remain consistent across various devices, helping users familiarise themselves quickly with the content and offerings.


Technical Performance

On the technical front, we’ve prioritised optimal performance. Every element, from images to scripts, has been meticulously optimised to guarantee swift page load times. In today’s fast-paced digital environment, we recognise the importance of speed in retaining user interest, and with its rapid upload times and fluid flow, the Tash Lashes and Brows website stands as a testament to our dedication to quality and efficiency.

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Logo Designs Cairns

Vehicle Designs

Vehicle Designs

Vehicle Designs

Totally Twisted Potato

Where Flavor Meets Fun!

At Hibiscus Media, we were thrilled to embark on a deliciously creative journey with Totally Twisted Potato, a local market stall that was ready to transform its identity. Totally Twisted Potato’s mission was clear: to offer friendly service, mouthwatering food, and a casual and convenient culinary experience that became an absolute must-have for weekend market-goers. Our task was equally clear: to craft a vibrant and fun brand that would perfectly encapsulate this mouthwatering adventure.

Groovy and Playful Brand

Our creative process began by diving deep into the heart of Totally Twisted’s essence. We aimed to capture the essence of their delectable offerings and the jovial atmosphere that surrounded their market stall. The result? A branding concept that’s as irresistible as their food itself!

Imagine a brand that’s bursting with color and energy, just like the laughter-filled weekends at the local market. Our palette is an eclectic mix of bright red and yellow,  perfectly mirroring the fun and enjoyable flavors and texture found in Totally Twisted Potato’s culinary creations.

It features a playful, hand-drawn twiter with groovy typography reflecting the friendly service that Totally Twisted is known for. To tie it all together, the tagline comes, “Let’s get twisted!”  which makes everyone smilie instantly.

When you encounter Totally Twisted’s vibrant new branding, you’re not just seeing a logo and color scheme; you’re glimpsing the heart and soul of a local market stall that’s become synonymous with weekend indulgence. With this rebrand, we’ve created an identity that beckons you to savor each bite, savor each moment, and savor life – because at Totally Twisted Potato, every twist is an adventure worth taking, and every flavor is a memory waiting to be made.

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Aki Naturopathy

(Japanese Website)

Authentic Branding and Web Design Journey

At Hibiscus Media, we were privileged to collaborate with Aki Naturopathy on an inspiring branding and web design journey that transcended borders. Aki’s vision was clear: she sought to create a warm, reliable, and deeply healing brand for her Japanese website. As a naturopathic practitioner based in Australia, she aspired to serve both the local Japanese community and those residing in her homeland, Japan. To bring this vision to life, we entrusted Sunny, the graphic designer fluent in both Japanese and English, to lead the way.

The cornerstone of our approach was building a brand that resonated with Aki’s values and mission. We aimed to seamlessly fuse the holistic principles of naturopathy with Japanese sensibilities, resulting in a brand identity that radiates warmth, trustworthiness, and a profound connection to nature’s healing powers.

Aki’s Gentle Energy Shine Through Her Logo and in Every Page of Her Website

The Japanese logo crafted for Aki Naturopathy is a testament to our commitment to authenticity. It encapsulates the essence of natural healing through the use of gentle zen circle. The soft, earthy color palette reflects the nurturing spirit of naturopathy and the harmonious connection between mind, body, and spirit.

The website serves as a treasure trove of knowledge, offering valuable insights into naturopathic practices and holistic well-being. Aki’s expertise and genuine commitment to healing shine through in every page, establishing her as a trusted source for those seeking natural wellness solutions.


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Kumi’s Massage

Radiant Healing & Branding 

Kumi, the skilled practitioner behind Kimi’s Massage, hails from the breathtaking tropical paradise of Cairns. Specializing in deep tissue and Hawaiian style massage techniques, Kumi brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her practice. She approached Hibiscus Media with a vision of transforming her massage business into a true sanctuary of wellness, and we were thrilled to help her realise this dream through a professional and captivating brand identity.

Kumi’s massage services are not just about physical touch; they’re about sending healing energy that uplifts, rejuvenates, and restores. To encapsulate this essence, our branding concept revolves around the vibrant energy of the sun. Much like the sun’s bright and life-affirming rays, Kimi’s Massage exudes a warm and calming aura that envelops clients in kindness and serenity.

Colour Palette & Logo with Energy

Our color palette is a reflection of this concept, featuring a harmonious blend of sun-kissed yellows, soothing oranges, and earthy neutrals. These colors are a visual testament to the nurturing, healing energy that clients experience during their massage sessions with Kumi.

The logo we’ve crafted for Kimi’s Massage is a radiant sunburst, symbolizing the powerful positive energy that Kumi channels into her practice. The sun’s gentle embrace is complemented by flowing, organic lines that evoke the comforting warmth of human touch. This logo serves as a beacon of hope and relaxation, inviting clients to embark on a transformative journey towards well-being.

Business Cards: A Gift for Your Future Clients

For Kumi’s business card, we aimed to create a beautiful keepsake that clients would be proud to share with their friends and loved ones. It’s not just a card; it’s an invitation to experience the serenity and healing energy of Kimi’s Massage. The card features the sunburst logo as a centerpiece, surrounded by Kumi’s contact information.

Kumi’s Massage is more than just a business; it’s a sanctuary where the sun’s bright energy meets the calming warmth of expert hands. It’s a place where healing energy flows freely, leaving clients feeling not only relaxed but rejuvenated in body and soul. With our branding, we’ve transformed Kumi’s vision into a reality, ensuring that her clients not only receive the best massage experience but also carry with them a piece of the radiant, healing energy that defines Kimi’s Massage.

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Kirsty’s Food Wagon

Where Country Charm Meets Delicious Fare

Kirsty’s Food Wagon is not just a food and coffee truck; it’s a delightful journey into the heart of country living, brought to life through the flavors of tasty and homely cuisine.

Kirsty, the culinary maestro behind this quaint wagon, understands the unique needs of her diverse clientele. Whether you’re a commuter on the outskirts of town, in search of a hearty meal to fuel your day, or a parent aiming to provide a wholesome and delicious lunch for your kids, Kirsty has you covered.

Branding that Feels “Just Like Home in the Countryside”

Our branding for Kirsty’s Food Wagon is a visual ode to the rustic charm of country living. At the heart of it all is a wooden wheel, an emblem of Kirsty’s connection to her country roots and a symbol of the wagon’s steadfast presence on the streets of Cairns. This wooden wheel, adorned with the shop’s name, serves as a welcoming beacon, drawing customers into a world where simplicity and warmth reign supreme.

The colour palette chosen for Kirsty’s brand is a reflection of the inviting and homely atmosphere you’ll find at her wagon. Earthy tones, warm browns, and cozy creams combine to create a sense of comfort and familiarity, much like the feeling of stepping into a beloved wooden coffee shop. It’s a reminder that even in the midst of a busy day, there’s always time to savor the simple joys of life.

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Yello Marketplace

Celebrating Australia’s Small Business Spirit

Yello Marketplace stands as a shining testament to the vibrant tapestry of small businesses that make up the heart and soul of Australia. Each shop on Yello Marketplace is not just a place to purchase unique gifts; it’s a celebration of entrepreneurship and the unwavering spirit of small business owners. What sets Yello Marketplace apart is its unwavering commitment to being 100% Australian-owned and operated.

Rodney, the passionate owner of Yello Marketplace, had a vision – to create something that resonated with the essence of Australia. Together with Hibiscus Media team, we embarked on an ambitious project to make every page of the website feel like a genuine Australian shop. The result is an online experience that exudes the warmth, charm, and authenticity of local Australian businesses.

Designing Yello Marketplace

At the heart of this transformation is the Yello logo – simple, versatile, and instantly recognisable. It’s more than just a logo; it’s an icon that embodies the essence of Yello Marketplace. Whether it’s displayed as a bold emblem or a subtle symbol, the Yello logo signifies a commitment to supporting local businesses and celebrating all things Australian.

This project has been one of our most significant undertakings, and it was a rewarding and enjoyable journey working alongside Rodney. Yello Marketplace is more than just a platform; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of Australian entrepreneurship, a celebration of unique gifts, and a beacon for those who believe in the power of small businesses to shape our communities.

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