Hibiscus WebCare Terms and Conditions

Service Overview: Hibiscus Media offers specialised website care packages, Hibiscus WebCare, available in LaunchPad and Pro plans. These plans are crafted to provide businesses with essential website maintenance, optimisation for speed, robust security, and reliable backups.

Package Inclusions:

Both LaunchPad and Pro plans offer:

  • Web Hosting: Secure and reliable hosting services.
  • Speed Optimisation: SiteGround speed plugins for enhanced performance.
  • Security: SiteGround security plugins and SSL certificates for comprehensive protection.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: Daily backups with a 1-month rollback capability.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): An extra layer of security for login processes.
  • WordPress Maintenance: Regular updates of themes and plugins to ensure smooth functionality.


The following are not included in the WebCare plans:

  • Any Web Content Work: Including minor text changes or updates to web pages.
  • Web Design and Enhancement: New website designs, redesigns, or any aesthetic or functional enhancements.
  • Advanced Security Solutions: Such as custom firewalls, intrusion systems, and malware removal.
  • Image or Media Adjustments: Any media editing or resizing outside standard provisions.
  • Website Customisations: All modifications to website themes, plugins, or code.
  • SEO and Marketing Services: Strategies and campaigns for search engine optimisation and digital marketing.
  • Additional Storage/Bandwidth: Exceeding the plan’s limits.

Subscription Terms:

Subscribers are billed monthly and can opt out with a month-by-month cancellation policy. Prices are $35 for LaunchPad and $55 for Pro, reflecting the level of service and features provided.

Service Modification and Cancellation:

Hibiscus Media reserves the right to modify services and will provide notice of such changes. Clients can cancel their subscriptions at the end of any billing month.

Limitation of Liability:

Hibiscus Media is not liable for any indirect damages resulting from the use of our services and adheres to the highest standards of operational conduct.

Acceptance of Terms:

By subscribing to Hibiscus WebCare, clients confirm their understanding and acceptance of these terms.