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What you get with the LaunchPad Plan

Web Hosting

Website Backup Protectionwith 1 Click Restore

Daily Backups & 1 Month roll back

Website Updates

WordPress Theme & Plugin Maintenance

Regular Site Optimisation

SSL Certificate

7500 Visits Per Month

5 GB

Frequently Asked Questions

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that provides the necessary technologies and resources for a website to be viewed on the internet. Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers.

Why is website backup protection important?

Website backup protection ensures that your website’s data is safe and can be restored in case of any mishaps, such as data loss, hacking, or server failures.

How often does Hibiscus Media back up my website?

Hibiscus Media provides daily backups of your website, ensuring you never lose any critical information.

What is a 1-month roll back?

1-month roll back means you can revert your website to any of its previous versions from the past 30 days.

Why are website updates necessary?

Regular website updates ensure that your site runs smoothly, remains secure, and incorporates the latest features and technologies.

What is WordPress Theme & Plugin Maintenance?

This involves regular updates and checks of your WordPress theme and plugins to ensure they are compatible, secure, and functioning optimally.

What does "Regular Site Optimisation" entail?

It involves periodic checks and tweaks to ensure your website loads quickly, ranks well on search engines, and offers an excellent user experience. 

Why do I need an SSL Certificate?

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate encrypts the data transferred between a user’s browser and the server, ensuring security. It’s essential for building trust with visitors and is also a ranking factor for search engines.

What does "7500 visits per month" mean?

It means that the hosting package can comfortably support up to 7500 visitors to your website in a month without any performance issues.

How much storage space do I get with the hosting package?

You get 5 GB of storage space, which can be used for your website’s files, images, and other data.

What happens if I exceed the monthly visit or storage limit?

We will contact you and discuss having a web hosting upgrade.